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Sarah POPE was born in 1578 in Norton, Small, Reword, England. She died about 1640 in England. She has Ancestral File Number 8KDP-LN. Parents: John POPE.

Spouse: Clement MINER. Clement MINER and Sarah POPE were married in 1606 in Somerset, England. Children were: Thomas MINER.

Adrian PORTER was born on 13 Feb 1585/86 in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire, England. He was baptized on 13 Feb 1585/86 in Watton At Stone, Hertfordshire, England. He died after 1623/24 in Hertfordshire, England. He has Ancestral File Number 1BMT-T1M. Parents: Robert PORTER and Margaret PLOMER.

Spouse: Elizabeth ALLOTT. Adrian PORTER and Elizabeth ALLOTT were married on 28 Apr 1606 in Ware, Hertfordshire, England. Children were: Elizabeth PORTER.

Carrie PORTER.

Spouse: Joseph FERGUSON.

Elizabeth PORTER was born on 23 Dec 1617 in Hertfordshire, England. She died on 13 Aug 1683 in Massachusetts. She has Ancestral File Number 35KQ-68. Parents: Adrian PORTER and Elizabeth ALLOTT.

Spouse: Captain Isaac JOHNSON. Captain Isaac JOHNSON and Elizabeth PORTER were married on 20 Jan 1637 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Children were: Mary JOHNSON.

Joane PORTER was born about 1506 in England. She died after 1528 in England. Date and place are assumed.

Spouse: Robert WINGATE. Robert WINGATE and Joane PORTER were married in 1527 in Bedfordshire, England. Children were: Margery WINGATE.


Spouse: Thomas PULLIAM. Children were: William Harrison PULLIAM.

Robert PORTER was born in 1547 in England. He died on 21 Feb 1623 in Watton At Stone, Hertfordshire, England. He has Ancestral File Number 1BMT-SKR.

Spouse: Margaret PLOMER. Robert PORTER and Margaret PLOMER were married about 1575 in Hertfordshire, England. Children were: Adrian PORTER.

Lucille Cathrine POSTON.

Spouse: Captain Claude Neal HODGES. Captain Claude Neal HODGES and Lucille Cathrine POSTON were married in 1927 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas.

Eppiena Fenna Jantina POTT was born on 4 Aug 1890. She died between 1900 and 1910. Parents: Willem Jan POTT and Henderika HEERES.

Gerhardus POTT.

Spouse: Martha HEIBROEK. Children were: Willem Jan POTT.

Gerhardus Willem POTT was born on 12 Aug 1892. He died on 13 Jan 1953. Parents: Willem Jan POTT and Henderika HEERES.

Margaretha Martha POTT was born on 4 Jan 1888 in Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands. She died on 20 May 1982 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Parents: Willem Jan POTT and Henderika HEERES.

Spouse: Jurjen Jan Wijnard MULDER. Jurjen Jan Wijnard MULDER and Margaretha Martha POTT were married in Jun 1908 in Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands. Children were: Hiddo MULDER, Henderika Ijktje MULDER, Ida Jansje MULDER.

Willem Jan POTT was born on 13 Nov 1859 in Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands. He died on 27 Sep 1926 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Parents: Gerhardus POTT and Martha HEIBROEK.

Spouse: Henderika HEERES. Children were: Margaretha Martha POTT, Eppiena Fenna Jantina POTT, Gerhardus Willem POTT.

Sarah POTTER was born between 1630 and 1635. Dates are estimated. She died after 1686.

Spouse: Robert FOOTE. Robert FOOTE and Sarah POTTER were married in 1659 in Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth FOOTE.

...? "Of Fenne" POWELL was born about 1340. Date is estimated. This pedigree is from the Original Visitation of Devon 1564. No pedigree of this family was recorded in the Visitation of Devon 1620, and it has been found impossible to extend it with accuracy.

Children were: Clare POWELL.

Clare POWELL was born about 1364. She has Ancestral File Number 8WT2-RX. Parents: ...? "Of Fenne" POWELL.

Spouse: Sir John ADAMS. Sir John ADAMS and Clare POWELL were married before 1392. Children were: Roger ADAMS.

Margaret Martha POWELL.

Spouse: Arlen Francis CHRISTLEY. Children were: Arlen Gerald CHRISTLEY, Joyce Marie CHRISTLEY, Warren Allen CHRISTLEY, Keith Brian CHRISTLEY, Micheal Wayne CHRISTLEY.

Claire Teresa POWERS.

Spouse: Howard Rodney GALE. Children were: Gregory Howard GALE.

Abigail PRATT.

Spouse: Daniel BIGELOW. Daniel BIGELOW and Abigail PRATT were married before 1694. Children were: Abiel BIGELOW.

Frances PRENTICE was born in 1667 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachussets. She died after 1710. She has Ancestral File Number 89C7-NF. Parents: Thomas PRENTICE and Rebeccah JACKSON.

Spouse: Joseph PALMER. Joseph PALMER and Frances PRENTICE were married on 12 Nov 1687 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. Children were: Hannah PALMER.

Robert PRENTICE was born about 1603 in Nanzing, Essex, England. He immigrated between 1635 and 1648 to New England. He died on 12 Feb 1665 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachussets. He has Ancestral File Number 89CH-79.

Spouse: Elizabeth. Robert PRENTICE and Elizabeth were married before 1629 in England. Children were: Thomas PRENTICE.

Thomas PRENTICE was born on 22 Jan 1649 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachussets. He was christened on 22 Jan 1650 in Cambridge, Norfolk, Massachussets. He died on 19 Apr 1683 in Lancaster, Worcester, Massachussets. He has Ancestral File Number 89C7-PL. Parents: Robert PRENTICE and Elizabeth.

Spouse: Rebeccah JACKSON. Thomas PRENTICE and Rebeccah JACKSON were married between 1664 and 1666 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachussets. Children were: Frances PRENTICE.

Alice PRESCOTT was born about 1132 in England. She has Ancestral File Number B6HV-QN. Parents: Richard PRESCOTT.

Spouse: Hugh DE DUTTON. Hugh DE DUTTON and Alice PRESCOTT were married about 1151 in Cheshire, England. Children were: Hugh DE DUTTON.

Richard PRESCOTT was born about 1100. He has Ancestral File Number FHR9-5X.

Children were: Alice PRESCOTT.

Daughter PRESTON was born about 1310. Date is estimated. Parents: Sir John PRESTON.

Spouse: Sir Thomas DE ROOS. Sir Thomas DE ROOS and daughter PRESTON were married before 1330. Children were: John DE ROOS.

Sir John PRESTON was born about 1275. Date is estimated.

Children were: daughter PRESTON.

Catherine PRESTWICH was born about 1374. She has Ancestral File Number 9PK9-XK. Parents: Henry PRESTWICH.

Spouse: John BOLD. John BOLD and Catherine PRESTWICH were married before 1398. Children were: Geofffrey BOLD.

Henry PRESTWICH was born about 1348. He has Ancestral File Number 9PKB-6W.

Children were: Catherine PRESTWICH.

Eleanor PRICE was born on 22 Apr 1599 in Birmingham, Warwick, England. She immigrated between 1624 and 1626 to New England. She died on 23 Jul 1689 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire. She has Ancestral File Number B62X-ZS. Parents: Richard PRICE and Elizabeth CROMWELL.

Spouse: Bryan PENDLETON. Bryan PENDLETON and Eleanor PRICE were married on 22 Apr 1619 in Birmingham, Warwick, England. Children were: James PENDLETON.

Elizabeth (Mary) PRICE was born on 18 Nov 1627 in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut. She died in 1671 in England. She has Ancestral File Number 8MZL-WP. Parents: Walter PRICE and Elizabeth.

Spouse: Thomas NORTH. Thomas NORTH and Elizabeth (Mary) PRICE were married before 1650 in Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut. Children were: Bathsheba NORTH.

Richard PRICE was born in 1575 in England. He immigrated between 1624 and 1675 to New England. He died between 1625 and 1675 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. He has Ancestral File Number B62X-WG.

Spouse: Elizabeth CROMWELL. Richard PRICE and Elizabeth CROMWELL were married in 1595 in England. Children were: Eleanor PRICE.

Walter PRICE was born in 1604 in Surrey, England. He immigrated before 1626 to New England. He died on 5 Jun 1674 in Surrey, England. Why did he go back to England? He has Ancestral File Number 8MZL-XV.

Spouse: Elizabeth. Walter PRICE and Elizabeth were married in 1626 in Dulwick, Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth (Mary) PRICE.

Harriet D. PRINCE was born about 1848 in New York.

Spouse: Andrew J. BEEBE. Andrew J. BEEBE and Harriet D. PRINCE were married on 28 Feb 1867 in Suffolk, New York. Children were: Jennie BEEBE.

Judith PRINCE.

Spouse: James Nelson FERGUSON. Children were: Cathy Jo FERGUSON.

Bartholomew "Barthel" PROBST was born in 1626 in Ettischweyl, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany. He died on 12 Apr 1689 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. His will was not probated until 1715. His full given name appears to have been Bartholomew. He is recorded in the land transfer records of Ettensweiler in 1652, probably for selling land there; the land was probably his father's. Those records show his name as Bartholomaus Probst.

He must have left Ettensweiler for Der Pfalz shortly thereafter, for he was married in January 1653 in Kandel. Parents: Rudolph PROBST.

Spouse: Susanna FISCHER. Bartholomew "Barthel" PROBST and Susanna FISCHER were married on 18 Jan 1653 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. Children were: Christophel PROBST.

Christophel PROBST was born on 31 Mar 1661 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. His exact birth date is not known; the Mar 31 1661 date is of his christening. Bill Brobst has a copy of the birth and marriage records, in the German Pfalz file. He was baptized on 31 Mar 1661 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. He died on 14 Feb 1719 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. Will was probated 1 Apr 1727 in Kandel; wife not living at that time. Actually, she had died a few weeks earlier. Why it took so long (8 years) for probate is not known, except perhaps that the younger children were not yet of age. Church records show his name as Christoph, as do several historical reports. Christophel was a master potter (Meistertopfer) in Middle Kandel. Church records call him a Burger and Haffner in Kandel. Parents: Bartholomew "Barthel" PROBST and Susanna FISCHER.

Spouse: Eva Christina HOFFMAN. Christophel PROBST and Eva Christina HOFFMAN were married on 31 Jan 1690 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. Children were: Major Johann Michael PROBST.

Hans Michel PROBST was born about 1531 in Kanton Berne, Switzerland. He died in 1577 in Switzerland. He had a brother, Benedikt, from whom spring quite a separate chain of Probsts, some of whom are known to have migrated to the USA and settled in Utah, and are documented in the archives of the Mormon Church.

Children were: Niklaus PROBST.

Major Johann Michael PROBST was born on 13 Mar 1701 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany. Another record says his birth date was Mar 13 1707. This must have been a mis-reading of the German script "1" which often looks like a "7". The 1701 birth date is verified in the baptismal records in Kandel and in the Lineage Succession List from Kandel. He immigrated on 17 Oct 1732 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He came to America in 1732, arriving in Philadelphia on the pink (ship) John and William on Octobert 17, 1732. He came with his brother Philipp Jacob (and family) and his sister Elisabetha Margaretha (and her husband). Since winter's onset was near, they probably remained in Philadelphia over the winter, gathering supplies and equipment, and left for the Allemaengle in early spring.

When he came to America, he was already 31 years old. Since it would be most unusual for a man not to have married and started a family in his early 20s, it is possible that he already done that, and left a wife and some children behind. It is possible they might have died, and that released him to come to America, or he might have been so driven to start a new life he just left them behind. They might not have wanted to face the unknowns of the American wilderness. However, according to German records, in 1727 Michael was a travelling potter, not married, and was listed on the ship's manifest as still single when he emigrated, so it is assumed that he did not marry in Germany.

He died about 1771 in Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. His death date is not certain. Most records show "about 1771"; one says "after 1790". His death location is also uncertain, but was most likely in a private cemetery on his farmsite.
He served in the military in Revolutionary War. He served in the Rev. War as a major in the Northampton Militia.

He received his citizenship papers on September 10 1761 in Philadelphia.

His farm was in Lynn Township, Northampton County (now Lehigh County), about 7 miles southeast of his brother's (Philipp Jacob's) farm which was in Albany Twp.

Parents: Christophel PROBST and Eva Christina HOFFMAN.

Spouse: Anna Maria KERR. Major Johann Michael PROBST and Anna Maria KERR were married between 1732 and 1735 in Pennsylvania. Sometime between his arrival in Philadelphia and mid-1735, Johann Michael married. He might have married during the winter in Philadelphia, or might have found his future wife in the Allemaengle. Birth and baptismal records of his children indicate that her name was Maria or Anna Maria, a name quite common in those days. The marriage record has not been found, and her maiden name is still unproven; several long-time Brobst researchers believe her maiden name to be Kerr (or Kehr), and that is what is shown here.

For a long time, it has been assumed that her name was Anna Maria Keller, but that hypothesis has been proven wrong. Anna Maria Keller was the widow of Peter Keller, and she lived in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County in the early 1730s. Her marriage to Johann Michael Probst is recorded at the Muddy Creek Lutheran Church on December 25, 1733. That was not "this" Johann Michael Probst.

In order for that to be true, it would have meant that Johann Michael left his brother and sister and their families and went to Lancaster Co instead of Berks/Lehigh Co. Why would he have done such a thing? And then to come to Berks/Lehigh Co a year or so after his marriage, for his first child was born in Lynn Twp in 1836. Would he have left his family with whom he had been through so much and struck off on his own to find a wife in Lancaster County, rather than accompanying his family to the Allemaengle and looking for a wife there? And, in fact, that was not the case.

It was once thought that Johann Michael may have met Anna Maria Keller on the ship enroute to America, but there was no Keller, and no Anna Maria, listed on the ship's manifest. There is no indication that he had any knowledge of Anna Maria Keller prior to or during the voyage, or in Philadelphia over the winter. Given that, there would be no reason for him to go to Lancaster to marry her and bring her to Lynn Township, Lehigh County. There is no evidence that he even knew she existed.

There is no evidence that Johann Michael Probst ever went to Lancaster, nor that if he did he stayed in Lancaster County for some time, perhaps a year, and then moved to Lynn Twp, Northampton (Lehigh) Co, PA to rejoin the rest of his immigrant family. All indications are that he left Philadelphia with his brother and sister in the spring of 1733 and moved directly to Lynn Twp. His children are all recorded as having been born in Northampton (Lehigh) County.

So who was the Johann Michael Probst who married Anna Maria Keller in Lancaster County? Johann Michael Propst (b abt 1712) arrived in America in 1733 on the ship "Samuel", and moved to Lancaster County with his parents and sister. This Johann Michael Propst actually signed his name "Probst", not "Propst" on his immigration and oath of allegiance papers, and apparently used that same spelling on the marriage record in Lancaster County. His signature is quite clear written with the "Probst" spelling. He remained in Lancaster County for some years, and had four children with Anna Maria Keller from 1735 to 1738. After Anna Maria died in 1738, he quickly married a second time there, before migrating southward to what is now Pendleton County, West Virginia. Accordingly, I have recorded the marriage of Anna Maria Keller to Johan Michael Propst in the Propst family file.

History still has to tell us something about this wife -- Anna Maria Kehr/Kerr -- of Johann Michael Probst. We do know that Johann Michael and Anna Maria lived in Lehigh County, having founded the village of what became Hynemansville. Children were: Captain Mathias George PROBST.

Captain Mathias George PROBST was born on 17 Mar 1736 in Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. Possibly in Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA . He lived in Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania in 1762. He owned up to 300 acres at various times. He died on 12 Dec 1792 in Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. His will (written in German) is dated Dec 12 1792; probated in Easton on Jan 15 1793 (#1541). Michael, Samuel, Daniel were executors. Mathias was very literate, and wrote clearly. Will translated by Lewis Donat. He may have actually died some days later than Dec 12. He was buried in Stoney Run, Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania. Jerusalem Union (Red) Church. He was baptized in Stoney Run, Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania. Jerusalem Union (Red) Church. He served in the military in Revolutionary War. He served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier in the Berks County Militia, and later as a captain in the Continental Line, under the command of LtCol Michael Brobst.

"There is a story that he and some of his men were camped about 20-30 miles from Philadelphia early in the war. [On July 14, 1777, he took the oath of allegiance to Penna in Philadelphia.] As the British were advancing on Philadelphia, in late August of 1777, Mathias and his men, with Jacob Leeser and several others, went there and took the Liberty Bell, weighing over a ton, along with a dozen other bells, with them from Philadelphia, through Bethlehem, and buried it inside of the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, Lehigh County, on Hamilton Street, between 6th and 7th Streets. In Bethlehem, the Bell was transferred to a wagon belonging to Jacob Mickley for the remainder of the journey. After the war, they returned it to Philadelphia. A bronze tablet commemorating the event was placed on the church in 1908.

"The large, heavy Conestoga-type wagon, belonging to Frederick Lieser, was drawn by six black horses. It was the largest and heaviest wagon at the market in Philadelphia. On the way to Bethlehem, Brobst, Leaser, and the accompanying troops stopped overnight at the Red Lion Hotel in Quakertown.
But it broke down in a mud-hole in front of the old Sun Inn at Bethlehem, while it was being used to haul the Liberty Bell, was stored for many years in a barn that stood on the farm of Jesse D. Follweiler, who had inherited the farm from his grandfather, Bernhard Follweiler. The front axle, which had broken, had been repaired, and the wheels removed. The Follweiler children later played on the wagon for decades. In 1855, lightning struck the barn and destroyed it and the wagon. The only part that was preserved was the heavy iron brake handle and ratchet, which was taken to Ohio by a member of the Follweiler family to migrated to Ohio in the late 1850s or early 1860s. (Was that Susanna Follweiler, mother of Obadiah Brobst?).

(Much of the above information on the bell may be found in "History of Lynn Township" by Arthur Klingaman, 1974.)

He is listed on the DAR Patriot Index as a "Captain", and is on the DAR Roll of Honor.
When Rev. Daniel Schumacher died, Matthias became guardian of Rev. Schumacher's son Johannes. Johannes was the g'g'g'g'grandfather of Annie Z. .

In 1777, after bringing the bell from Philadelphia to Allentown, he was commissioned a Justice of the Peace in Northampton County, and a Judge from 1777 to 1784. For that reason, he is referred to in some records as Matthias Probst, Esq.

Matthias bought 325 acres of land in Mecklenburg (now Lincoln) County, North Carolina, on Nov 10, 1765, as speculative property. He never settled there, however. There were Propsts in that same Lincoln/Catawba County area, but not of this family line. Henry Propst was a physician there.

Most research records on Mathias are noted with his family name as Probst; however, his gravestone clearly says Brobst. I defer to his family and use Probst rather than Brobst.
Parents: Major Johann Michael PROBST and Anna Maria KERR.

Spouse: Anna Maria Magdalena "Polly" STAMBACH. Captain Mathias George PROBST and Anna Maria Magdalena "Polly" STAMBACH were married in 1763 in Stoney Run, Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania. Jersusalem Union (Red) Church. Children were: Samuel BROBST.

Niklaus PROBST was born on 4 Nov 1554 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland. He died after 1604. Niklaus had either eleven or twelve children. One of them, Rudolph, is not shown on one of the original birth records from the old church, but other genealogists have placed him in this family. His birth year fits nicely in a gap that otherwise looks larger than would be expected in the family sequence.

His family records come from the parish archives, per Dr. Robert Oehler, Kasernenstrasse 21D, Bern, Switzerland. Parents: Hans Michel PROBST.

Spouse: Margreth. Niklaus PROBST and Margreth were married in 1577 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland. Children were: Rudolph PROBST.

Rudolph PROBST was born on 24 Sep 1595 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland. He died in 1651/52 in Ettischweyl, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany. Rudolph's wife's name is unknown. They moved from Bern to Germany around 1625 to Ettischweyl im Allgau (Ettischen) where he was a "Gemeinsman" or citizen. His only son Bartholomew left there to move to Kandel.

There is a question as to whether Rudolph was actually a son of Niklaus and Margreth, and a grandson of Hans (1531). LuAnne Brobst Staheli shows that lineage. However, the baptismal records do not show him in that family. But, if Rudolph was baptized by a travelling minister, that minister might have recorded the baptism at the minister's home church, thereby leaving the Probst's home church record vacant in that regard. Ms. Carolyn Price has challenged this birth line quite strongly on that basis. The record obtained from the church in Germany bears her out -- the name "Rudolph" does not appear in the list of children. Bill Rutledge may have just assigned him in that position because it fit so well! He may also have been the son of Benedikt Probst (1551) who lived in Lutzenfluh, Bern, Switzerland; the father of that Benedikt was Benedikt (1529), Hans' brother! The records show that Rudolph would have fit just as nicely in that family as well. Which family? Don't know, but it seems quite likely that it was one or the other.

The parish records, per Dr. Robert Oehler, Kasernenstrasse 21D, Bern, state: "Rudolph resided in Bern, then in Ettischweyl, Wangen, Kandel, and Minfeld, Germany." But did he move to Kandel with Barthel, or did he stay in Ettischweyl? It appears more likely that he stayed and died in Ettischweyl.

However, another record states he was born in Ettischweyl! Dr. Werner Esser of Kandel, writing to Alice-Ann Askew in 1992, states "Rudolph Probst ws born about 1590 in Ettischeyl next to the city of Wangen. He bases that on the Lineage Succession List dated feb 29 1992 from Kandel. It may be that since he came from Ettischweyl it was assumed by the Kandel authorities that he was born there. It seems well documented, though, that Rudolph was born in Switzerland. Further, the record of the land sale by his son, Bartholomew, in 1652, clearly states that the family origin was in the region of Bern.

Only one son, Barthel, is known in Brobst genealogical circles. There may have been other children. Certainly, it would have been unusual in those days to have only one child in the family. Hackworth/Staheli believe he was the ninth child, but that documentation has not been verified. Kandel records show only one son, Barthel, but then Rudolph never lived in Kandel.

What was Rudolph's profession? If we knew, that might help with the question of how the Probsts came to be Lutheran. Swiss Protestants generally came from the cities, but the farmers were Catholic. Since Barthel was a potter, does that mean that his father was also a potter? If so, then Rudolph perhaps would have been a Lutheran city person. In fact, the records unearthed by Alice-Ann Askew indicated that Rudolph was a "Gemeinsmann" or citizen of Ettischweyl. That term was usually meant a city dweller, not a rural dweller. A lot of conjecture here.

His death date is not certain. Did he die before 1653, causing Barthel to move on? Or did Barthel leave him behind, and he died sometime after Barthel left for Kandel? Bartholomew sold some land (probably Rudolph's) in Ettensweiler in 1652, then moved to Kandel. That might be an indication that Rudolph died in 1652, Barthel sold the land, and then split. But the Kandel Lineage Succession List mentioned above implies that Rudolph may have lived in Kandel for some time, although his death is not recorded there.

On balance of the facts, I believe that Rudolph was born in 1595 in Siselen, Kanton Berne, Switzrland; married there, and moved to Ettischweyl im Allgau, where he died around 1651/2. Parents: Niklaus PROBST and Margreth.

Children were: Bartholomew "Barthel" PROBST.

Richard PROUSE was born about 1260 in England. He has Ancestral File Number B21M-K4.

Spouse: Margarita. Richard PROUSE and Margarita were married before 1286. Children were: Thomasine PROUSE.

Thomasine PROUSE was born about 1286 in Ashton, Cornwall, England. She has Ancestral File Number B21L-QT. Parents: Richard PROUSE and Margarita.

Spouse: John CHUDLEIGH. John CHUDLEIGH and Thomasine PROUSE were married before 1307. Children were: John CHUDLEIGH.

Alice PROUT was born in 1525 in Dorcetshire, England. She died in Mar 1592 in Dorcetshire, England. She has Ancestral File Number 9MZD-3R.

Spouse: Robert BARTLETT. Robert BARTLETT and Alice PROUT were married on 2 Jul 1542 in Dorcetshire, England. Children were: Thomas (Robert) BARTLETT.

Eugene Collins PULLIAM was born on 3 May 1889 in Grant Co., Kansas. He died on 23 Jun 1975 in Phoenix, Arizona. Parents: Reverend Irving Brown PULLIAM and Martha Ellen COLLINS.

Spouse: Martha OTT. Eugene Collins PULLIAM and Martha OTT were married on 6 May 1919. They were divorced. Children were: Martha Corrine PULLIAM.

Reverend Irving Brown PULLIAM. Parents: William Harrison PULLIAM and Mary SINGLETON.

Spouse: Martha Ellen COLLINS. Children were: Eugene Collins PULLIAM.

Martha Corrine PULLIAM. Parents: Eugene Collins PULLIAM and Martha OTT.

Spouse: James Cline QUAYLE. Children were: James Danforth (Dan) QUAYLE.


Spouse: Marie PORTER. Children were: William Harrison PULLIAM.

William Harrison PULLIAM. Parents: Thomas PULLIAM and Marie PORTER.

Spouse: Mary SINGLETON. Children were: Reverend Irving Brown PULLIAM.

Damaris PUNDERSON was born about 1686 in New England.

Spouse: William SEWARD. William SEWARD and Damaris PUNDERSON were married on 19 Sep 1710.

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